YOUTUBE VIDEO: Instagram Stories Ideas for online Brands and eCommerce

If you’re building an online brand, you already know it: although you invest a lot of money in your social media presence – Instagram stories are never enough.

To become an authority in your industry, you have to be omnipresent on social media and to do so, you need fresh Instagram stories.

In this video, I’ll give you some cool ideas so that you can get inspired and bring your online brand to the next level.

Let’s start out by saying that online brands are becoming bigger and bigger. The e-commerce opportunity is enormous and is still growing.

There are many ways to squeeze your online brand – and some of them are incredibly profitable if you hire the right experts – just think about email marketing, online advertising, SEO, Funnel creation, etc.

But, social media is undoubtedly the best means to do one thing: branding.

On social media, you get closer to your customers, you show them the secrets of your brand, and you give them the chance to feel part of the family.

Sounds pretty dope, right?

Apparently, e-Commerce owners are starting to understand it, and their social media budgets are growing at a fast pace.

I see many of my clients coming to me and showing off their efforts: big influencers, top-notch photographers, solid drop strategies

Yet, especially small brands tend not to focus on stories.

I get that it’s not practical to invest a big part of your budget in 24h-lasting pieces of content – so let me give you a couple of cheap ideas to step up your story game and kill your competitors, once and for all!

Idea # 1: Tutorials

Tutorials have many pros: they’re cheap, easy to shot and they let you show your customers how your products look like and what it feels like to use them.

Let’s assume you sell shirts – why not showing your customers how to roll their sleeves properly?

Or maybe, you can even show them what the best colours to match their brand-new shirt are.

PRO TIP: If you want to optimise your chances of success, let a big influencer do this job 😉

Idea # 2: Takeovers

Takeovers are very interesting to me: they consist of hiring an influencer and let them create stories on your behalf.

Your takeovers must tell stories – so, hire an influencer to document a particular event. Or for example, if you’re into fitness – let them document their workout sessions.

This way, you provide your followers with value and entertainment – and they will definitely remember your brand next time they need to buy some gym clothes.

Idea # 3: Games

The guys at @balr are killing it with stories. I came across their brand by chance and decided to follow them straightaway.

They are an excellent source of inspiration for me – if you’re interested in social media marketing, I highly recommend you to check out their page.

Regarding this “game” story, you can do it quite easily on Premiere Pro, and it’s very engaging for your followers.

PRO TIP: add a swipe up to get them to your landing page (so into your Pixel).

Idea # 4: Customer’s stories reshare

Nothing special here to be honest, but the cool thing is this new feature of Instagram. It allows us to reshare our customers’ stories natively – so they get some exposure, and we get some solid social proof.

PRO TIP: don’t share your customers’ stories randomly. Schedule one day a week to reshare them all together.

Idea # 5: Cross Promotion like a boss

Sometimes, Facebook Ads lead to some imbalance between your Facebook audience and your Instagram one. Or maybe, you’ve started your YouTube channel at a second stage – and you’re struggling with growing it.

Then your best tool to get a good balance between your profiles is crosspromotion – if you do it the right way.

In my team, we do have a video-editor who specialises in stories – but actually, it’s quite easy to create high-quality stories yourself. I used to do it for a while, and you can find many good tutorials on YouTube.

Idea # 6: Screenshot Lottery

If you’ve watched the video – the story we created took literally 5 minutes, but if you put some effort in the quotes – your customers will love it! And potentially some of them could even use it as a screensaver and see your brand every time they grab their phone.

This is it for this article/video, if you need help to step up your online brand feel free to reach me out in the comment section or on the contact form!

Much love,

See you later

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