Here we go!

Size does mean on social media.

Hey wait, are you kidding me?

The short answer is: no, not at all man.

Have you ever seen wrong-sized images?

It happens almost on a daily basis to see big Companies’ Instagram Stories wrong cut, or clothing brand’s Facebook cover off from the right frame.

This is not how a company should act on social media.

Social media platforms are a great customers magnet, and every brand have to pay attention to them.

Because the alternative is pretty simple: if you don’t take care of details, your competitors will. Try to guess where your potential customers will go?

And to be honest, I don’t blame them.

Would you entrust your business to someone who don’t even take care of their social media?

The principle is simple: if your company or brand share something on social media, it has to be at least a 6 on a scale from 0 to 10.

Wrong-sized images are a 0, nobody will mind the quality.

So, this is a list of the recommended sizes for the most popular social media platforms:

Social Media Image Sizes Guide

*px stands for pixels

Please, do your business a favour -> don’t ignore this article.

I usually tend to use Photoshop to edit and resize my images.

It provides a great deal of options and the possibility to customise your content on the next level.

But if you’re not acquainted with Photoshop, the Internet is willing to help you.

It’s plenty of very nice tools: I would recommend you Canva.

It’s a mostly-free tool.

You can upload your images and write on them, resize them, etc.

It provides cool design templates as well.

It charges a few dollars for certain services, but if you want to stay cheap you can use only the free options.

I don’t earn a single penny to suggest you trying it, but you can be sure it’s worth it.

Now repeat after me: I won’t ignore my content’s size anymore.

I won’t ignore my content’s size anymore

I won’t ignore my content’s size anymore

I won’t ignore my content’s size anymore

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