Eyoo, what is up?

Alessio Cordeddu is the Head of Marketing department at Edith Media. He started as a freelance with satisfied customers worldwide. He has been crafting marketing strategies for over five years, specializing in social media marketing. He would describe himself as a passionate self-taught marketer willing to go the extra mile to get on top.

That’s enough of talking about myself in the third person.


Here’s the thing: since I was a child, I’ve been driven by passion. The first thing I fell in love with, it was my old drum – I used to play in a Red Hot Chili Peppers tribute band, and my world was beautiful. Unfortunately (or maybe luckily), at some point I grew up and came across Marketing.

It started as a fast way to earn some bucks – even if you’re a teenager who still goes to school, digital marketing allows you to get some authority online. You just have to look confident, and put yourself out there. I started with affiliate marketing, then I got some copywriting gigs, and so forth.

At 19 I got hired by a reputable agency and starting as an intern, I got promoted to an actual employee. At 22 I graduated in Economics & Management. Three days after the celebration, I quit my job and flew over to Amsterdam. I was ready to change my life…

But it didn’t work, and I got back to my hometown in one month.


Yeah, it hurt… But not that much. I was too much driven by my passion for giving up. Then I got selected by Google to enroll in their Digital Marketing Leadership course – Squared Online. Meanwhile, I was doubling down on my English classes, getting ready to move out again.

In a few months, I met up my business partner Sam and flew out to London to set up Edith Media. The first period of Edith Media was pretty intense – it’s always tough to get into the market and compete with those who have been working in the market for years.

Anyway, we managed to structure our service the right way – and soon I found myself in Barcelona to take care of a few customers of ours. Not bad actually. And afterward, I got back to London again – my next goal is to build a strong personal brand and create a community out of it.